The Marketing Book Podcast: “Email Marketing Rules” by Chad S. White

Listen to The Marketing Book PodcastI had the honor of being the very first email marketing book author on The Marketing Book Podcast, which is hosted by Douglas Burdett. During episode #130, Douglas and I talk about:

  • How email marketing is de-siloing and being integrated with other channels and business functions
  • How email is granted media, not owned media
  • The role of inbox providers like Gmail and Outlook
  • The Hierarchy of Subscriber Needs
  • How email deliverability now hinges on both negative feedback and positive engagement
  • Why buying email lists is so dangerous
  • Why brands focus too much on open rates
  • Misconceptions around subject lines
  • Optimizing your preview text
  • Mobile-optimizing your emails
  • Defensive email design and the use of fallbacks
  • How subscriber expectations are rising
  • The books that have influenced me and what I’m reading now

For all the details and lively discussion…

>> Listen to the Marketing Book Podcast

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