‘The Email Episode’ of Salesforce’s new Marketing Cloudcast

Salesforce Marketing CloudcastI was honored to be one of the first guests on Salesforce’s new podcast, the Marketing Cloudcast, which is hosted by my friends Heike Young and Joel Book. The podcast is available on Soundcloud and via iTunes.

In “The Email Episode: Giving Email a Little Respect,” we talk about:

  • What I do at Litmus and how I got started in email marketing
  • Why marketers have struggled with mobile
  • How engagement-based filtering has changed deliverability
  • How marketers can use data to create more engaging subscriber experiences
  • Which brands I have a “brand crush” on
  • The awesome power of triggered messaging
  • Who has had the biggest influence on how I think about email marketing
  • And much more…

>> Listen to the Marketing Cloudcast

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