The 5 Levels of Mobile-Friendly Email Design

Read all of Chad's Marketing Land columnsSometimes being mobile-friendly can seem black and white. You’re either using responsive design or you’re not. But there are actually gradations of mobile-friendliness, especially in emails.

In my latest Marketing Land column, I discuss the 5 levels of mobile-friendly email design:

5. Responsive email design: Email content and layout adjust to user’s screen size
4. Responsive-aware design: Headers and footers are responsive, while remaining body content is mobile-aware
3. Mobile-aware design: Single-column layout, large text and images, large and well-spaced buttons and links
2. Quasi–mobile-aware design: Header and footer are desktop-centric, while significant portions of the remaining body content are mobile-aware
1. Desktop-centric design: Multiple columns, small text and images, tightly clustered buttons and links

I also share some additional insights from our joint research with Salesforce that we didn’t include in our 2015 Mobile-Friendly Email & Landing Page Trends infographic.

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