SEMrush’s Marketing Scoop Podcast: What Works Best for Email Marketing Now?

Marketing Scoop 2.33

How can content marketing and email marketing work together? That was the central question that AWeber’s Jill Fanslau and I tried to answer when we appeared on the Season 2, Episode 33 of SEMrush’s Marketing Scoop podcast.

During the episode, we talked about:

  • What’s changed in email marketing over the past few years
  • How email marketing’s ROI is a double-edged sword, that both helps and hurts marketers
  • How brands should adjust to GDPR and why the law is good for brands
  • Why list purchases are a no-no and the confusion around list purchases and rentals
  • List building across channels
  • The role of subject lines and the right victory metrics to use for subject line A/B testing
  • How it’s not email versus other channels and rather about email working with all your other channels and vice versa
  • And much more

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