Holistic Email Metrics Matrix Helps You See the Whole Picture

Holistic Email Metrics Matrix: Are you seeing the whole picture?

Email analytics are powerful… and also dangerous. Used correctly, analytics can inform both wise strategic decisions and smart tactical improvements. Used incorrectly, analytics give you complete confidence to make bad decisions.

Unfortunately, there are lots of ways to reach the wrong conclusions with analytics, including:

  • Being overly focused on campaign metrics like opens and clicks, and failing to look at performance over time
  • Not recognizing the influence of your email marketing efforts on the performance of other channels like direct mail and social media
  • Focusing too much on company-centric metrics like email marketing revenue and not enough on metrics that indicate how subscribers and inbox providers feel about your emails

All three of those are symptoms of not seeing the big picture when it comes to email marketing metrics. Our Holistic Email Metrics Matrix provides that perspective.

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