Gmail’s New Inbox: Our Take on Tabs

Gmail's New InboxThe inbox is a dynamic place. The latest change comes from Gmail, which debuted its new tabbed interface two months ago and is now nearly done rolling it out to all their users. With every change that comes along, there’s understandable concern by marketers that their efforts will be undermined and, in particular, that their ability to reach their subscribers will be compromised.

To assess the risk posed by Gmail Tabs, a number of us got together and pooled our thoughts and findings under the direction of Al Iverson, ExactTarget’s director of deliverability products. The resulting 4-page whitepaper covers everything you need to know about this new Gmail functionality, including:

  • The potential subscriber impact
  • How it impacts mobile
  • Using branding to your advantage
  • What you can do to improve your marketing efforts

>> Download our report on Gmail’s New Inbox

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