AI-Generated Images: Generative AI Concerns & Opportunities for Marketers

AI-Generated Images- Generative AI Concerns & Opportunities for Marketers

Ready or not, we’re rapidly heading into a world where generative AI tools like ChatGPT, Dall-E, and others do more of marketers’ day-to-day work. That transition is not much in question. The only question is how well your organization makes that transition.

To make that transition as smoothly as possible, we recommend taking a cautious and realistic approach toward the here-and-now of these technologies, while keeping an optimistic long-term view. That starts with having a solid understanding of how these technologies work, including what they’re capable of and what they’re not.

Having that understanding will help you deploy generative AI in ways that will help your business grow, and either avoid or safeguard against situations where AI leads to costly errors or embarrassing customer experiences.

Because the issues and use cases around generative AI vary depending on whether you’re outputting text, code, or images, we’re addressing each of those separately. In this post, we’re focusing on generative AI for images. Let’s start by explaining…

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