2018’s Biggest Email Marketing Challenges

The Biggest Email Marketing Challenges

Companies face a number of email marketing challenges, ranging from staffing to technology to strategy. Litmus polled hundreds of marketers about the biggest challenge, asking them which of the follow issues was hurting their program the most:

  • Lack of quality data, integration, etc.
  • Poor coordination between other departments, channels, etc.
  • Limitations of current email service provider
  • Poorly defined email channel goals, KPIs, etc.
  • Bad strategy or leadership
  • Inadequate tools for email creation process
  • Low visibility into email performance, deliverability, etc.
  • Insufficient staffing

In this post, we examine each of those challenges and present advice on how to overcome them, with assistance from our friends at MECLABS Institute, Smart Insights, Zettasphere, Epsilon, and IBM Watson Marketing.

For the research and the advice,…

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