Will We Ever Have Email Coding Standards?

Will We Ever Have Email Standards?This has been burning question for email marketers for a long time. Web developers have standards, but email developers don’t. Will this ever change? And what will be the catalyst for change?

We polled nearly 4,000 marketers about whether we’d ever have email coding standards, and they were significantly more optimistic than we thought they’d be—which is to say, they are more optimistic than we are here at Litmus.

We also asked 5 of our speakers from The Email Design Conference about this issue:

  • Dan Denney, Front-End Developer, Code School
  • Fabio Carneiro, Lead Email Developer and UX Designer, MailChimp
  • Mike Ragan, Designer, ActionRocket
  • Mark Robbins, Email Developer, RebelMail
  • Brian Graves, UI Team Lead, DEG

For the results of our poll and to see what our experts thought…

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