What Your Email Service Provider Strategy Says about Your Email Program

Read this post on the Email Vendor Selection blogHow many email service providers a brand uses to send its emails reveals a lot about their email program—how sophisticated it is, the size of their email team, and much more. Whether they use a homegrown email platform is equally revealing.

In Litmus’ State of Email Production report, we asked more than 900 email marketers which platforms they use to send their emails, among many other things. Digging into the data, we found that these three groups—users of 1 ESP, users of 2+ ESPs, and users of homegrown platforms—had some interesting differences.

For instance, we found that using two or more ESPs tends to be a marker of a more sophisticated (and more complex) production process. Brands using multiple ESPs generally have larger email teams, have more emails in production at once, and have longer production cycles compared to brands using just one email service provider.

Users of homegrown email platforms are a bit of a mixed bag. In some ways they seemed less sophisticated, but other ways there were the most sophisticated.

For a full discussion of these differences, including lots of stats,…

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