What Keeps Me Up at Night about Generative AI

What Keeps Me Up at Night about Generative AI

During the opening session of the B2B Forum this year, MarketingProfs Chief Content Officer Ann Handley wowed and pumped up the crowd with an empathetic Barbie-inspired B2Barbie presentation. The overall message: B2B marketers are often held to impossible standards and underappreciated despite their hard work and smarts. Ann’s point of view was crystal clear: “Hire Writers. Respect them. Pay them. Treasure them.”

But then generative AI took the stage, and attendees could be forgiven if they felt they weren’t Kenough… unless they used generative AI to create a digital clone of themselves to work alongside them. In a particularly chilling moment, Ann asked Trust Insights Co-Founder and Chief Data Scientist Christopher Penn what kept him up at night about AI and he said the Israeli military using AI to select bombing targets.

Putting aside military and police applications (which I’ll assume we’ll all lose sleep over), Ann’s question resonated with me. So, I’d like to cathartically share some of the things that worry me most as a marketer about generative AI…

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