Webinar Recording + Q&A: 8 Trends that Will Define the Future of Email Marketing

8 Trends that Will Define the Future of Email MarketingWe recently hosted a webinar where Justine Jordan and I discussed the 8 most impactful trends from our Email Marketing in 2020 report, which touches on everything from personalization and automation to inbox functionality and privacy.

The recording of that hour-long webinar is now freely available.

>> Watch the webinar recording

Attendees of the live webinar had some great questions about the future of email marketing, not all of which we had time to answer during the webinar. However, we were able to answer all of the following questions in a follow-up blog post:

  • Can you define “Single View of the Customer”?
  • How do you balance the trends of interactivity and minimalism? Or put another way: How can emails of the future be both short, consumable emails and microsites?
  • Is there currently a way to track email opens from wearables? Is there any plans for Litmus to add “wearables” into Email Analytics?
  • Microsoft Outlook notoriously drags down email evolution. How do you see it affecting these predictions?
  • There have been constant talks about personalization, mapping the customer journey, etc. but the majority of ecommerce companies still do batch and blast and one-size-fits-all emails. Who actually is utilizing all of these technologies and being an exemplary email marketer?
  • In light of recent issues surrounding artificial intelligence, will those types of examples deter this type of technology?
  • I find it interesting that as Millennials come into play, with their assumptions of less privacy, that the belief is that anti-spam laws will strengthen. Who drives this strengthening and in what ways?
  • Typically we’ve measured email success by click-through and open rates. With the changes in email moving forward, how should we be measuring success?

>> Read the answers to these questions

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