Webinar Recording + Q&A: 2018 Email Marketing Kickoff

Email Marketing Kickoff for 2018 webinar

Now is the ideal time for marketing teams to consider their email marketing planning for 2018. In an industry that’s constantly shifting as it adapts to consumer, business, and technological changes, setting the priorities for the months to come can be hard!

We’ll help you set the direction for your email marketing kickoff planning with our three-point plan:

  1. Assessing your email program to truly understand your audience and to capture what worked in 2017—and what didn’t
  2. Addressing challenges your team is facing
  3. Seizing opportunities to leverage the industry trends that can truly move the needle for your program

In the 2018 Email Marketing Kickoff webinar, Bettina Specht and I discuss each of those points. Along the way, we share research and advice that will help you set priorities and distribute resources the right way, so your team is set up for email success in 2018.

>> Watch the webinar on the Litmus blog

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