7 Types of Customer Attributes for Segmentation & Personalization

7 Types of Customer Attributes to Power Your Segmentation & Personalization

As ways to increase the relevance of your digital marketing campaigns, segmentation and personalization have evolved dramatically over the past decade or so. Indeed, they’ve come so far that simple personalization like addressing subscribers by their first name are now viewed as hollow gestures.

Today, consumers expect brands to use segmentation and personalization to demonstrate that they’re paying attention and truly understand who they are and what they’re interested in. Thankfully, brands have a wealth of potential data they can use to get closer to their customers and prospects.

In Oracle Consulting’s latest Marketing Checklist, we share more than 170 customer attributes you can use to either send a segmented campaign or personalize a campaign. These attributes include seven different kinds of information. In this post, Kaiti Gary discusses each kind.

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