Tweetables from Dreamforce 2014

DreamforceIt was a great week at Dreamforce 2014 and I found plenty of great content to tweet about. In case you missed them, here are all the tidbits, factoids, and stats that I shared this week from the conference. You can find all the tweets from Dreamforce at #DF14. overhauled cart abandonment email, making it a series, showing product abandoned, and adding product recommendations. #DF14 [Tweet] overhauled cart abandonment email and increased opens by 2.7x and clicks 5.8x. #DF14 [Tweet] sends browse abandonment email that highlights price drops of browsed product, along with related product recommendations. #DF14 [Tweet]

American Apparel is experimenting with collecting topic preferences on optin confirmation page. ~@_ajdelrosario [Tweet]

American Apparel’s welcome email generates nearly 3,000% ROI. ~@_ajdelrosario [Tweet]

American Apparel is working on launching a welcome email series. ~@_ajdelrosario #DF14 [Tweet]

American Apparel’s birthday email goes out to 14 regions in 8 languages. ~@_ajdelrosario #DF14 [Tweet]

American Apparel targeted customers that tend to buy between 2am and 5am with a “You are not dreaming” campaign. ~@_ajdelrosario #DF14 [Tweet]

75% of marketing budgets will go toward digital channels by 2019, according to Accenture. #DF14 [Tweet]

Journey management strategies can increase sales by 15%. #DF14 [Tweet]

Volvo Construction Equipment’s emails are segmented and personalized by industry. #DF14 [Tweet]

Two-thirds of Beyond the Rack’s revenue comes from their email program. #DF14 [Tweet]

The web is a dying technology. The future of Ecommerce is mobile. -George Colony of Forrester #DF14 [Tweet]

The Customer Insight (CI) officer is an emerging role focused on understanding customer data. -George Colony of Forrester #DF14 [Tweet]

18% of Americans have made a purchase from outside the country in the past 3 months. -Forrester #DF14 [Tweet]

Hillary Clinton talking about Too Small To Fail program that helps parents boost their kids’ language skills. #DF14 [Tweet]

Hillary Clinton supports net neutrality and a free and open internet. #DF14 [Tweet]

Sprouts grocery stores used their social media word cloud to inspire their ad messaging. #DF14 [Tweet]

Sprouts grocery stores focuses on audience engagement (comments, retweets, etc.) and not on audience size. #DF14 [Tweet]

Fred Meyer Jewelers sends a jewelry care email 6 months post-purchase asking customers to come in for product cleaning & inspection. #DF14 [Tweet]

RT @CKunplugged: “@TeamHeller: “90% of world’s data created in last 2 years!” – @benioff #DF14 “…challenge is to make it actionable [Tweet]

Boom! I love Bryan Wade’s passion for the Marketing Cloud product. You can’t succeed without passion. #DF14 [Tweet]

Live Nation tracks over 4,000 customer attributes, using those data points for targeted marketing. #DF14 [Tweet]

McDonalds creates content at the national brand level that their 14,500 local store social media managers can use. #DF14 [Tweet]

Journey Builder is the Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s fastest growing product ever. #DF14 [Tweet]

RT @drewbeechler: “The more you conform, the more of a commodity you are.” @lazerow #df14 #weirdforce [Tweet]

RT @Dreamforce: The #DF14 community has donated 771K meals. Let’s get to the finish line! Donate at  or text dfgives to 50555. [Tweet]

RT @lvojvodich: “I want customer service so good that it’s marketing. I want marketing so good that it’s customer service.” @smccorckle at #DF14 [Tweet]

Most tech companies over 20 years old will likely break up in the next 5 years to better compete. ~@pmarca #DF14 [Tweet]

There is no reason that this new generation of tech companies can’t be larger than the previous generation’s. ~@pmarca #DF14 [Tweet]

Apple Pay and Bitcoin will disrupt the financial services industry over the next few years. ~@pmarca #DF14 [Tweet]

Cable TV’s business model is a “melting ice cube.” ~@pmarca #DF14 [Tweet]

Every division at P&G has a head of design. #DF14 [Tweet]

P&G takes their designers on field trips to visit glass blowers, puppet-makers, etc. to keep them inspired. #DF14 [Tweet]

Responsive email design forces you to focus your content and cut out distractions. That in and of itself can boost results. ~@krudz #DF14 [Tweet]

Use call center feedback and Yelp reviews to identify friction points and then address those proactively via email messaging. ~@krudz #DF14 [Tweet]

Your emails are just not going to look the same everywhere. We have to get over that. ~@krudz #DF14 [Tweet]

As an intermediate step toward fully responsive design, consider making just your header & footer responsive. ~@krudz #DF14 [Tweet]

RT @arvindraman: Really great session by @chadswhite on email lifecycle. Nice to take a step back & take a holistic look (esp being on the tech side) #df14 [Tweet]

.@parkerharris says that he thinks of all technology as being design/UX led. [Tweet]

If you want a job in tech, just say you’re a data scientist or a really good designer and you’ll get a job instantly. ~@parkerharris #DF14 [Tweet]

“The business of business is business” was appropriate for 20th century. No longer. Companies have to give back. ~@Benioff #DF14 [Tweet]

Journey Builder needs to be integrated into sales, into service. All of these have journeys too. ~@Benioff #DF14 [Tweet]

Farewell @Dreamforce #DF14. See you September 2015! [Tweet]

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