Try a Cart Abandonment Email ‘Sandwich’

Read this entire post on the Cloud.IQ blogDespite being highly effective, adoption of shopping cart abandonment emails is still low and growing slowly. Only 23% of major retailers sent a shopping cart abandonment email, as of December 2014, according to Salesforce Marketing Cloud research. That’s up from 20% adoption in December 2013.

However, what is growing very quickly is the adoption of cart abandonment email series. Among those retailers using cart abandonment emails in December 2014, 50% sent a series of emails, up from just 19% the previous year.

Sending a series of cart abandonment emails gives brands more opportunities to convert carts into orders. However, many brands are largely sending the same messaging over and over.

In this guest post for Cloud.IQ, I recommend using the additional touches of a cart abandonment email series to try to address different needs and desires that are keeping customers from checking out—and in particular, I encourage you to swap out the middle message in your 3-email cart abandonment series and create what I call the cart abandonment email “sandwich.” To make one of these sandwiches…

>> Read the entire article on the Cloud.IQ blog

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