Top 10 Email Marketing Predictions for 2017

Top 10 Email Marketing Predictions for 2017My Litmus teammates and I see a lot of change on the horizon this year. Here are our top email marketing predictions for 2017:

  1. At least 30% of marketers will have tried embedded video in email by the end of 2017. (Chad White)
  2. Email marketers will break down silos and work cross-functionally to take their program to the next level. (Kayla Lewkowicz)
  3. The adoption of responsive email design will accelerate. (Chad White)
  4. Despite Gmail supporting embedded CSS (for most of their account types), the overwhelming majority of emails will continue to use inline CSS. (Kevin Mandeville)
  5. At least one of the major inbox providers will follow Gmail’s lead in drawing attention to whether emails are encrypted or not. (Chad White)
  6. Verizon will try to actively migrate Yahoo Mail users to Alto Mail. (Chad White)
  7. The types of jobs in the email marketing industry will become fragmented with an increasing number of specializations (deliverability, email copywriting, email design) becoming more widely adopted. (Jaina Mistry)
  8. Accessibility in email will become a more important aspect of the email design and development process. (Jaina Mistry)
  9. Accessibility will continue to be ignored by most of the email world. (Jason Rodriguez)

For all the details on those email marketing predictions, plus a review of how our 2016 predictions fared,…

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