The Top 5 Passages from Email Marketing Rules

Buy >> Email Marketing RulesOne of the great things about Kindle Books is that Amazon tells you the passages in your book that have been highlighted by readers the most. I was fascinated—and very pleased—by the passages that readers are finding most important and wanted to share them here.

The 5 most highlighted passages of Email Marketing Rules:

5. “Relevance means sending subscribers emails they routinely find valuable or engaging.” (Tweet This)

4. “The key is to avoid a campaign-by-campaign mentality when looking at data, because that can cause you to misunderstand how subscribers are reacting to your overall messaging and to unintentionally make campaign-specific decisions that reduce the overall effectiveness of your email program.” (Tweet This)

3. “The control that consumers have over these new channels is increasing the expectation of control that they have when using email.” (Tweet This)

2. “Marketers earn access to inboxes through permission and maintain it by sending valuable emails.” (Tweet This)

1. “Best practices are those practices that generally produce the best results or minimize risk.” (Tweet This)

The three top passages are all from the introduction, which you can read on Amazon using their LOOK INSIDE feature by clicking on the book cover.

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