The Questions My #EEC14 Panel Didn’t Get to

Email Evolution Conference in Miami Jan. 22-24I had the pleasure of speaking on a panel last week at the Email Evolution Conference with fellow email marketing book author Simms Jenkins. We crowdsourced questions online for our session, in addition to taking questions from attendees—but, of course, we didn’t get through them all. So I wanted to go ahead and answer some of the ones we didn’t get to.

BR from Atlanta asked: “Any thoughts/insights on how the recent image caching would affect tools like Litmus and other tacking tools that use pixel beacons as it relates to mobile vs desktop opens?”

KS from Atlanta asked: “How do you think Gmail’s most recent update (when you’re composing a new email, Gmail will suggest your Google+ connections as recipients) affect email marketing as a whole?”

Anna Yeaman from LA asked: “How many emails are responsive & how does that stack up against websites (11-12%) based on are we ahead?”

Laura G. from Atlanta asked: “What changes do you foresee in relation to data privacy over the course of the next few years and how will this impact email marketing?”

JM from Atlanta asked: “Within the restaurant industry, what day of the week has the highest email open rates?”

JM from Atlanta also asked: “What are the top 3 digital marketing trends for 2014?”

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