The Latest B2B Email Marketing Trends

The Latest Trends in B2B Email Marketing

At the same time that email marketing is becoming more complex, all of the issues surrounding it are becoming more interconnected. That is strikingly apparent when looking at the latest B2B email marketing trends identified by members of Oracle Marketing Cloud Consulting’s Expert Services team, which assist Eloqua customers with all aspects of their email programs.

Oracle’s Autumn Coleman, Kim Roman, Cristal Foster, Chris Carlock, Fabricio J. Lopez, and Otilia Antipa talk about this interconnected chain of current B2B email marketing trends, which includes:

  • Compliance Automation
  • More Active Management of Inactives
  • Stronger Opt-ins
  • Growing Adoption of Preference Centers
  • Hyper-Personalization
  • Send Time Optimization
  • Smart Trigger Timing
  • AI Helps Do It All Better
  • Data Warehouse Integrations
  • Embracing B2C Strategies & Tools

For a discussion of each of these B2B email marketing trends…

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