The Hierarchy of Subscriber Needs: Are You Satisfying All 4?

Read all of Chad White's Convince & Convert blog postsEveryone wants to send more “relevant” emails, right? That’s been the buzzword of the email industry for a few years now. However, typically relevance is discussed in narrow terms, generally in regards to content.

But relevance is much more than that. Just think about all the reasons that people mark your emails as spam or unsubscribe from them:

  • I never subscribed.
  • I received emails too often.
  • The emails were too hard to read.
  • The emails didn’t work well on my mobile device.
  • The emails were frustrating because they had too many errors and bad links.
  • I didn’t find the content valuable.
  • The emails made me feel like a number rather than an individual.
  • I can easily find the content elsewhere.

Spanning everything from permission to quality assurance, accessibility to legibility, and content to frequency, all of these speak to the quality of the subscriber experience and how relevant the messages were to the individual.

The Hierarchy of Subscriber Needs, which we debuted in The Viral Email report, provides this big picture view of relevance. In this guest post for Convince & Convert, I discuss all four subscriber needs, including how to fulfill them and how to measure them.

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