The Dangers of Not Regularly Reviewing Your Triggered Emails

Read the full post on Litmus.comTriggered emails have a reputation for being ‘set it and forget it” programs. Unfortunately, that’s just not true, and it’s becoming less and less true every day.

As we discuss in our recent “Designed for Success” webinar, there are two compelling reasons to regularly update your triggered emails: (1) quality assurance and (2) optimization.

Because email operates in a dynamic environment of email clients, browsers, and devices and because business goals and assets routinely change, you need to regularly review your emails to avoid:

  • Broken links/redirects and old navigation links
  • Out-of-date logo and branding
  • Out-of-date messaging (benefits, options, etc.)
  • Faulty trigger logic
  • Broken rendering and functionality because of code support changes at ISPs

Optimization is always important, but it is particularly so right now with triggered emails because of the explosive trend of expanding single triggered emails into a series of emails. That means there’s now much more to test, optimize, and update, such as…

  • The number of emails in the series
  • The conditions in which the next email in the series is sent (or not sent)
  • The timing of not only the first email in the series, but of all the subsequent ones
  • The messaging in each email in the series and how they interact with each other

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