Teaching the Email Marketer How to Fish

Teaching the Email Marketer How to FishDo you know what email marketing success looks like? Are you sure? Adobe just published a new interactive ebook that explores…

  • What email metrics marketers should use to define success
  • How success will be redefined over the next 5 years
  • The barriers to email marketing success
  • How the C-suite and email marketers can overcome these barriers

In addition to some contributions from me, the ebook has stellar advice from some email marketing greats, including:

  • Simms Jenkins, CEO of BrightWave
  • David Daniels, CEO and Founder of The Relevancy Group
  • Laura Atkins, Owner of Word to the Wise
  • Karen Talavera, President of Synchronicity Marketing
  • Andrew Barrett, Director of Global Deliverability at Adobe

Here are a couple of tips of mine that didn’t make it into the ebook:

A successful email program is one that serves subscribers’ needs while fulfilling the brand’s goals—whether that goal is awareness, lead nurturing, customer loyalty, or something else. Because email marketing is about mutual benefit, activities that demonstrate that the brand is listening to its subscribers are key.

Many brands still set the wrong goals for their email marketing programs. Aggressive unqualified list growth goals are among the most damaging long-term, but campaign-oriented goals around open and click rates can similarly lead to the adoption of harmful, short-term tactics. Marketing executives need to set goals around open reach, click reach, and subscriber lifetime value that set the brand up for channel-level and subscriber-level success.

>> Read Adobe’s “Teaching the Email Marketer How to Fish”

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