Smart Insights: Email Marketing Trends in 2018

Read the full article on Smart Insights2018 is fast approaching, so Smart Insights’ breakdown of six emerging email and marketing automation trends is timely.

Their top email marketing trends in 2018—which were informed by contributions from experts, including myself—covered:

  1. GDPR, which Tim Watson of Zettasphere said would be “very disruptive if not terminal for email 3rd party data and that it would spur “more innovation in list growth this year than for the last 14 years.”
  2. Interactive email, which presents many opportunities and challenges for email marketers
  3. Conversational email copywriting, which is essentially about how to write email copy like a human
  4. Mobile-friendly designs, which are an imperative given the current email reading habits
  5. Deliverability, which I predicted would be boosted by an increase in email authentication driven by the emerging Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) standard
  6. Personalization and segmentation, which will be driven by affordable machine learning and AI solutions

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