Segmentation & Personalization Ideas to Explore: An Oracle Consulting Checklist

Segmentation and Personalization Ideas Checklist

Checklists can inspire you, help you identify gaps, allow you to take inventory, and provide an easy-to-follow action plan. At Oracle Marketing Consulting, we use checklists all the time with our clients. In fact, we love them so much that we wanted to share some of our most useful checklists, including this one about audience segmentation and personalization ideas.

Relevancy is core to delivering value to digital marketing subscribers, and segmentation and personalization are two of the major strategies for creating it. In this report, we’ve compiled a list of more than 170 attributes you can use to either send a segmented campaign or personalize a campaign. These customer attributes fall into seven different kinds of information:

  1. Demographic
  2. Firmographic
  3. Technographic
  4. Geographic
  5. Psychographic
  6. Behavioral
  7. Social Influence

We hope this checklist inspires you to send more segmented and personalized digital marketing campaigns so you can achieve the performance you’re looking for.

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