Q&A with Internet Retailer: My New Book, the Holiday Season, Mobile, and More

Internet_Retailer_logoFollowing the release of the 2nd Edition of Email Marketing Rules this week, I spoke with Internet Retailer Editor in Chief Don Davis about what’s changed since the 1st Edition was published and how email marketing will be different this holiday season and in the more distant future.

Here are the questions that Don asked me:

  1. What are the most important changes in email marketing since the 1st Edition of “Email Marketing Rules”?
  2. Email inbox providers are making it easier for consumers to divert marketing email to a separate folder, which they may rarely if ever view. What can a retailer or brand do to maximize the number of consumers who see its messages?
  3. How is email marketing likely to be different this holiday season from last?
  4. Consumers now view most marketing emails on smartphones or tablets. How much marketers adapt their tactics to this shift?
  5. What’s likely to be the next big change in email marketing?

To read my answers, check out the entire interview on InternetRetailer.com.

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