Outstanding Email Marketing Examples of Subject Lines

The goal of subject lines is often misunderstood; its influence underestimated; and its relationship with preview text ignored. But even when you understand that the goal of a subject line is to generate openers who are likely to convert, that subject lines can drive offline action, and that preview text is important, there’s no secret formula for subject line and preview text success.

However, there is a list of ingredients that are easily remembered as the CUE-DIVE Method. As I discuss in the 3rd Edition of Email Marketing Rules, CUE-DIVE classifies subject line and preview text content as being:

  • Contextual
  • Urgent
  • Emotional
  • Detailed
  • Intriguing
  • Visual
  • Earned

Find the mix your subscribers respond to. To help inspire you, this slide deck shares real-world examples of how brands use these subject line elements to engage subscribers.

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