On-Demand Webinar: Understanding Email Deliverability

Understanding Email Deliverability

Email deliverability can feel out of your control, like your emails are hot air balloons being blown whichever way the inbox provider winds blow. However, this isn’t really true. Businesses actually have a lot of control over whether their emails reach the inboxes of their subscribers, but they have to understand the factors that affect deliverability as well as how to track key performance indicators.

During this 49-minute on-demand webinar, Daniel Deneweth and I dispel the myths and give marketers a true picture of how deliverability works and how to measure it. We begin by talking about the seven factors that determine inbox placement:

  1. Your email service provider’s infrastructure and your authentication
  2. Your overall email volume and send patterns
  3. The content of your emails
  4. How often you’re sending to unknown email addresses and hitting spam traps
  5. Your spam complaint rate
  6. How many of your subscribers are opening and engaging with your emails
  7. The sender reputation associated with your sender IP addresses and domains

After explaining how inbox providers determine whether to block, junk, or deliver your emails to your subscribers’ inboxes, we discuss the six deliverability KPIs that you should track and the appropriate benchmarks for each:

  • Hard bounce rate
  • Soft bounce rate
  • Spam complaint rate
  • Unique open rate
  • Unsubscribe rate
  • Inbox placement rate

We wrap up the webinar by advising you on how to avoid spam traps and discussing the current state of email deliverability, including concerns related to the coronavirus. Watch the on-demand webinar to better understand how email deliverability works and how you can take control of your inbox placement.

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