New Gmail & Yahoo Deliverability Requirements: What Senders Need to Do

New Gmail & Yahoo Deliverability Requirements- What Senders Need to Do

One of the hallmarks of the email channel is a lack of standards and a lack of universal support for all but the most fundamental elements of email. For example, there are no standards around HTML and CSS code support; dark mode is implemented differently across email clients; spam filtering at different inboxes weights different factors differently; BIMI support is uneven and has different requirements at different inboxes; and on and on.

That’s why the recently announced collaboration between Gmail and Yahoo on spam-fighting protections is so unusual. The joint effort helps reinforce long-standing industry best practices for bulk senders and provides greater specificity on the benchmarks brands need to meet to stay in their good graces.

To avoid deliverability issues at Gmail and Yahoo mailboxes, brands need to meet the following four requirements by February 2024…

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