Most Tweetable Tweets from Connections 2013

ExactTarget Connections 2013ExactTarget Connections was awesome! Beyond meeting tons of great people, old friends and new, there was lots of great content that kept me busy tweeting for four days straight. We’ve already shared 100 Tweets About Leadership and the Power to Lead from Within and Josh Kimber shared the 25 Top Tweets from #ET13, but I wanted to highlight some of the tidbits that I thought were critical.

Before I do that, if you were one of the more than 1,000 people who got a free copy of my book, Email Marketing Rules, during Connections, it would be awesome if you would sent a tweet of thanks to @ExactTarget, which made the giveaways possible. Thanks and I hope to see you at Dreamforce in November and at Connections 2014.


@HauteLook sends 200 different email campaigns each month. #ET13

Test call-to-action buttons with low commitment language. Ex. “Shop now” vs. “Buy now” – @meladorri #ET13


76% of subscribers have opened at least 1 email on mobile in past 30 days, according to ET data. #ET13

CareerBuilder saw a 21%-24% increase in click rates after moving to a responsive email template. #ET13

50%-62% of CareerBuilder’s email opens are on mobile devices. #ET13

Uber is “lifestyle meets logistics.” In addition to their cab-calling app, they have done on-demand ice cream trucks, BBQ sandwiches.. #ET13


Caterpillar’s four pillars of social media: listening, promotions, thought leadership, and customer service. #ET13

Warby Parker’s social media team responds to EVERY tweet, Facebook comment, and Instagram. #ET13

I’m impressed 🙂 “@WarbyParker: @chadswhite Yes we do! We hope you’re enjoying Kristin at #et13.”

When Warby Parker cannot answer a tweeted question in 140 characters, they record a YouTube video and tweet a link to it. #ET13

Nordstrom is highlighting top-pinned items in their stores. -Steve Patrizi, Pinterest #ET13


Sony powers their digital marketing efforts with purchase, demographic, and gameplay data. Engagement is up 23% so far this year. #ET13

Sony communicates with their customers via 30 different channels. #ET13

Not all data is information, not all information is insight, not all insight is actionable. -Matt Spielman, Return Path #ET13

Dying companies use data to react to changes. Thriving companies use data to predict future and act. -Kenny Tomlin, Rockfish #ET13

A Customer Company knows you are the same person no matter how you contact them. #channelintegration #ET13

The pinch point in marketing is generally content. – @mostew #ET13


Real discipline is not what you chose to do but what you chose not to do. -Jim Collins #ET13

“Great leaders build companies that do not need them.” -Jim Collins #BuilttoLast #ET13

“Smart people are a dime a dozen. What matters is imagination.” -Walter Isaacson #ET13

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