Mobile Holiday Shopping Surge Benefited Mobile-Friendly Retailers

Read the full article on InternetRetailer.comBy all accounts, this was the most mobile holiday season yet, with the most important development being that mobile conversion rates and sales increased significantly. For example, 53% of all online shopping visits came from shoppers on mobile devices from Nov. 26 (Thanksgiving) through Sunday, Nov. 29, according to data from the Adobe Digital Index.

There’s been a pervasive myth that consumers don’t want to buy on small screens, and that myth has kept some brands from investing in responsive websites and responsive email design. We saw that myth crumble this holiday season, with mobile-friendly retailers reaping the benefits, as Internet Retailer reports in this article.

In 2016, the majority of emails will be read on mobile devices, and the majority of brands will adopt responsive design. Brands that haven’t adopted a mobile-first email and web strategy yet will quickly find themselves in the lagging minority in the eyes of consumers and in comparison to their competitors. After a string of “This is the Year of Mobile” declarations, 2016 will be just another year in the mobile era. Mobile has become the status quo.

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