Make Your Unsubscribe Survey More Actionable

How to Make Your Unsubscribe Survey More ActionableSubscribers opt out for a variety of reasons and you don’t know which reason drove a particular person to unsubscribe unless you ask. That’s why some brands conclude their opt-out process with an unsubscribe survey that asks in one form or another: Why did you unsubscribe?

Understanding why your subscribers opt out can give you valuable insights to drive improvements in your email marketing program—but only if you ask the right questions.

Most of the unsubscribe surveys we’ve seen haven’t kept up with the growing number of reasons that consumers unsubscribe, as we revealed in our Adapting to Consumers’ New Definition of Spam ebook. That means that unsubscribe surveys have become increasingly less actionable over time.

However, these surveys can be easily fixed by reviewing the questions you’re asking and how you intend to act if you get a critical mass of a particular response. Here’s how…

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