Leap Day Campaigns: 29 Messaging Ideas

29 Messaging Ideas for Your Leap Day Campaigns

It’s a marketing opportunity that comes around only once every four years. It’s Leap Day. With the next one coming up on Feb. 29 in 2024, the extra day is added to the shortest month of the year because the Earth takes approximately 365.25 days to orbit the sun, so every fourth year needs to have 366 days to fully account for that orbital time.

Much like having a Friday the 13th in October, the rarity of Leap Day has long inspired marketers to get creative and do something special for the occasion. To help inspire you, we examined Leap Day campaigns from the past four occurrences.

Across all of those campaigns, we’ve identified five major themes that brands have historically used. To illustrate each theme, we’re sharing messaging ideas that we’ve seen previously used, as well as some that we’ve haven’t seen but certainly fit the theme. Needless to say, we had to share 29 ideas in total.

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