KoMarketing: Email Content Planning is Critical Step for Campaigns

Planning is Critical Step for Email Marketing CampaignsEmail content planning is becoming more sophisticated and more of a focus at many email marketing programs, according to the findings of Litmus’ 2018 State of Email Workflows report. Krystle Vermes of KoMarketing and I recently spoke about this trend. She asks me…

  • More than half of marketers now say they use a content calendar year-round. Do you see this percentage increasing or decreasing in the near future?
  • About 69% use software other than (or in addition to) spreadsheets, calendars, and docs specifically to plan out email content. Do you see marketers turning to additional software for planning other types of campaigns in the future?
  • Less than 20% of marketers create a brief for every email to set goals and establish KPIs – why do you think this is the case?
  • Only 17% of companies plan their content for more than three months out for peak season campaigns. Are marketers missing out on opportunities by failing to plan ahead?
  • What was the most interesting finding in the report?

For my answers to those questions and more…

>> Read the full interview on the KoMarketing blog

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