Infographic: Optimizing the Second Subject Line – Snippet Text

Your sender name has the biggest impact on whether subscribers open and engage with your emails or not. The vast majority of marketers do a great job of using the same sender name consistently to ensure they’re recognized in the inbox.

Your subject line has the second largest impact. Because of its importance, subject lines are the most tested of any email element.

However, there is a third element of an email’s envelope content that impacts subscriber engagement: snippet text. This appears beside or beneath the subject line of an email in the inbox view of the native iPhone email app, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and other email clients. In most regards, it acts like a second subject line.

I looked at how well 148 B2C brands were optimizing this important email element and found that there are clear opportunities for marketers to do better, especially since optimizing it is as simple as writing a subject line. Here’s what you need to know:

Optimizing the Second Subject Line infographic

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