Infographic: 2017 Shopping Cart Abandonment Email Trends

2017 Shopping Cart Abandonment Email TrendsThe majority of online shoppers abandon their shopping baskets. Some return on their own and convert, and some will never convert no matter what. However, some of those cart abandoners benefit from a nudge from a well-timed and smartly messaged shopping cart abandonment email.

Whether you currently have a cart abandonment email or not, you probably wonder exactly what you should put in it and how quickly after abandonment should you send it.

Multi-year joint research between Litmus and Salesforce Marketing Cloud answers all of your questions about the trends around:

  • The post-trigger delay in sending these emails
  • The use of a series of cart abandonment emails
  • Highlighting the item(s) abandoned in the email and its subject line
  • The recommendation of alternative products
  • The inclusion of seasonal messaging

We summarize our findings in an infographic that we hope will help inform you on how you build out your shopping cart abandonment email so it effectively serves your customers and generates stellar returns.

>> View the infographic on the Litmus Blog

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