How to Recover from an Email Marketing Mistake (or the Slow-Motion Meltdown and Rebirth of Our Live Twitter Feed Email)

How Our Live Twitter Feed Email ImplodedYou may have heard the triumphant story of how we embedded a live dynamic Twitter feed in our “Save the Date” email for The Email Design Conference (TEDC), but what you haven’t heard is the story about how it all went wrong when we pressed “send” the first time.

In addition to sharing this story, we highlight 5 things that email marketers can learn from our mistake:

  1. Recognize that your ESP is potentially an active player in how your emails render.
  2. Monitor other channels after sending an email.
  3. If you can recognize a serious mistake quickly, pause the campaign.
  4. Once you have a fix, double- and triple-check it.
  5. When a mistake seriously impacts conversions, brand image, or the subscriber experience, resend the email with a brief apology at the top.

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