Mailmodo Growth Chat: How to Launch a Successful Holiday Campaign

How to Launch a Successful Holiday Campaign

I join Mailmodo CEO Aquibur Rahman on the Growth Chat Podcast to talk about holiday planning, as well as how I got my start in email marketing. I share some of the advice from our Holiday Marketing Quarterly series and discuss a wide range of issues, including:

  • How email marketing amplifies existing demand
  • How planning for the holidays is a year-round effort
  • How consumer behaviors change during the holiday season
  • The kinds of messaging and designs that perform well during the holidays
  • How the battle for holiday attention is already underway today
  • What happens to email engagement during the holidays
  • How automation is the secret star of the holidays
  • How email marketing can prepare for the holidays now
  • Progressive profiling during the holidays
  • How to do A/B testing to give yourself a holiday advantage
  • The best times to send during the holidays

To learn about those issues and many more…

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