How to Build a Twitter Following

The No-Nonsense Guide to Getting More Twitter FollowersI joined Twitter back in 2008 and am grateful to have more than 12,000 followers now. Looking for the best tips on growing a Twitter following, Social Quant asked me and many others what our top no-nonsense tips were for attracting new followers.

I prefaced by response by saying that I pay a lot of attention to my listed-to-followers ratio as a quality indicator, so a lot of what I do is about reaching the right people and building a person-to-person connection.

With that in mind, here are my top 3 tips:

3) I follow and engage with people using hashtags related to email marketing events.

Conferences, webinars, and Twitter chats–especially those that Litmus hosts–are great ways to connect with people who are going to be interested in what I tweet about.

2) I favorite and follow people who are tweeting or retweeting my content.

People who include @chadswhite or @litmusapp in their tweets make it super easy for me to see them and respond. But I also search for the headlines and titles of my content pieces so I can connect with people engaging with those.

1) I tweet and retweet tips, observations, and content that email and digital marketers will find useful.

I try to keep the signal-to-noise ratio high by staying on topic and being thoughtful in my replies.

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