Holistic Email Marketing: Personalization Report

Email Marketing Personalization report from Holistic Email MarketingEmail personalization has come along way from the days of simple first name merges, but is great because subscribers now expect brands to know much more than their name. Consumers expect emails tailored to their interests and past actions. Along with segmentation and automation, personation is a key tool to achieve that goal.

The Email Marketing Personalization report from Holistic Email Marketing and Pure360 has great insights into the use and evolution of personalization in email, based on a survey of more than 200 marketers.

A couple of key findings from the report include:

  • Only 6% of marketers said that they can do only “one size fits all” email marketing. Nearly half (49%) have access to tools for basic personalisation, while 36% are using advanced tactics such as dynamic content to keep email material unique and relevant to subscribers. Another 8% are way out in front with AI, machine learning, and other technologies to create true one-to-one experiences.
  • Nearly half of marketers have moved beyond simply personalising names and subject lines. They’re using data from email behaviour (56%), purchase history (41%), lifecycle stage (29%) and even contextual data (12%) to add relevant content, meaningful to individual recipients.

The report also includes insights from me, Komal Helyer of Pure360, Jordie van Rijn of Emailmonday, Karen Talavera of Synchronicity, and Dela Quist of Touchstone Tests. For the 72% of marketers who told Litmus that personalization was a priority for 2018, I recommend that you check out this report.

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