Going Beyond Demographic Segmentation & Finding the Right Segments

Achieving Better Performance with Email Segmentation & PersonalizationAchieving one-to-one messaging is a great goal, but reducing our reliance on one-to-all broadcast messaging is probably a better, more realistic goal for most brands. This is where the one-to-some of segmented messaging can be very powerful.

Jen Rhee, Email Marketing Manager at online learning marketplace Udemy, knows a lot about segmentation and how it can power email marketing success. After all, 60% of Udemy’s total revenue is generated by email marketing.

At The Email Design Conference, I was able to interview Jen about how marketers can make the most of email segmentation by going beyond demographic segmentation.

“There’s thousands of different ways you can create segments,” says Jen. “You can come up with lots of different segments. It’s really important that you focus on the right ones, because we all have limited time and resources.”

>> Watch the interview on the Litmus Blog

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