Gmail’s Decade-Long Evolution

Gmail 10thIn the approach to Gmail’s 10-year anniversary, I spoke with Direct Marketing News Associate Editor Elyse Dupre about Gmail’s impact on the email industry. One of the things that I told her is that Gmail has been a pretty tireless innovator—perhaps a little too much so for some marketers.

From her discussions with me and others, she wrote a great article outlining all the major changes at Gmail over the years and discussing the change’s impact.

>> Read “Growing Up Gmail: 10 Years of Email Marketing Lessons”

In a separate article, she wrote about eight ways that marketers can better target Gmail subscribers, with much of that advice applicable to subscribers at other ISPs too.

I’m a big fan of Gmail and their relentless focus on innovation and user-centricity. For more of my thoughts on a decade of Gmail, check out my column in Celebrating Gmail’s 10th Anniversary, which also includes great pieces by Carlo Catajan, Andrea Smith, Tom Sather, and Julie Brown.

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