Following the Big Data Breadcrumbs to Email Insights

Gaining Email Marketing Insights from Big DataThe scale at which consumers generate data across web, social, mobile, offline, and other channels is truly staggering. To compete and serve our customers well, the scale at which we sort through all that data for actionable insights needs to match.

Enter Big Data.

Matt Laudato, Senior Manager of Big Data Analytics at Constant Contact, has been sorting through the piles of data generated by the email service provider’s customers and has uncovered lots of interesting takeaways.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Matt at The Email Design Conference and talk about what he and his team have learned and how marketers can uncover Big Data insights of their own.

“It’s amazing what happens when you get to a small win,” Matt says. “The first small wins that we were able to talk about around the company…really just opened up the eyes of a lot of folks.”

>> Watch the interview on the Litmus Blog

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