#ETCafe Twitter Chat Preview: Measuring Email Marketing Success

#ETcafeThe ExactTarget team invites you to participate in our #ETCafe Twitter chat every Thursday from 11am-12pm ET, where we discuss emerging topics and trends from across the interactive marketing world. The virtual coffee chat is held directly on Twitter, hosted by @ExactTarget.

This week I’ll be a guest on the chat and we’ll be discussing measuring email marketing success. Here’s a preview of the discussion questions for our chat this Thursday:

1. Do you know the return on investment (ROI) of your email program?
2. How do you measure your email program’s influence on offline behavior and online sharing?
3. Do you measure subscriber lifetime value in addition to measuring campaign success?
4. Which email metrics do you find most valuable to running your email program?
5. How much weight do you give to negative metrics like spam complaints and opt-outs when measuring success?
6. Which key performance indicators does your CMO/CEO judge your email program by? Do you think they are the right KPIs?
7. What resources would you recommend to help email marketers better measure their success and set the right goals?

Please join us this Thursday for an exciting discussion with dynamic interactive marketing professionals! Follow the #ETCafe hashtag in your favorite Twitter application and be sure and add the hashtag to your tweet to participate.

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