Email Marketing’s Greatest Strength & Greatest Weakness

The Email Opportunist“Email’s greatest strengths often double as its greatest weaknesses,” says DM News’ Ginger Conlon in the introduction to The Email Opportunist. “Fortunately, savvy marketers can overcome the latter to capitalize on the former.”

I was among the 16 experts interviewed for this report on the channel’s greatest strengths and weaknesses. In a nutshell, I said that “Email’s greatest strength is that it’s the most used one-to-one marketing channel” and that “email’s greatest weakness is that it’s an open platform controlled by many companies.”

Check out the report for my full thoughts on how to capitalize on email marketing’s strength and minimize its weakness. Also check out the thoughts of the other 15 experts, in particular those of Daniel Burstein of MECLABS Institute, Loren McDonald of Silverpop, and Ben Ardito of Epsilon.

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