Email Deliverability Problems Ahead: 11 Red Flashing Warning Signs

11 Red Flashing Warning Signs of Email Deliverability Problems Ahead

Nothing can destroy your email marketing performance quite like email deliverability problems. Whether it’s the slow slip of inbox placement due to diminishing engagement or the sudden collapse due to a block or blacklisting, it’s always devastating and usually a shock. But, honestly, email deliverability problems are rarely a surprise if you know what to look out for.

In this post, Clea Moore, Director of Deliverability Strategy at Oracle Marketing Cloud Consulting, shares a list of events that often precede email deliverability problems:

  1. Changing Email Service Providers
  2. Warming Up a New IP Address
  3. Warming Up a New Sending Subdomain
  4. When Doing High-Volume Ad-Hoc Sends
  5. During Peak Season Sending
  6. When Bounce Rates Start to Exceed 3%-5%
  7. When Opening Up a New Subscriber Acquisition Source
  8. During Periods of Faster-than-Usual List Growth
  9. When Email Complaint Rates Start to Exceed 0.2%
  10. When Your Open Rates Drop Dramatically at a Particular Mailbox Provider
  11. When Your Open Rates Average 5% or Less at a Particular Mailbox Provider

For a detailed discussion of each of these, plus more advice on when to seek the help of a deliverability expert…

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