Cyber Monday Email Marketing Insights

120214 SearsLast week we reviewed some of the noteworthy developments that came out of Black Friday Week. Now let’s look at a couple of interesting developments that occurred around Cyber Monday.

First, for the 8th straight year, Cyber Monday is the busiest email marketing day of the year. Although there have been some other busy days that follow it, it’s unlikely that any of them will come close to even matching Cyber Monday’s email activity level. Among the more than 100 major retailers that I track, 93% of them sent their active subscribers at least one promotional email on Cyber Monday.

And second, after overflowing into “Cyber Sunday” and “Cyber Tuesday” the past few years, Cyber Monday has exploded into a full-on “Cyber Week.” Roughly one in eight major retailers mentioned “Cyber Week” in their subject lines alone, and many more mentioned it in the body copy of their emails. I expect even more retailers to jump on the bandwagon next year.

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