5 Reasons List-Unsubscribe Concerns Are Overblown

Apple's "easy unsubscribe" banner in a Zappos emailApple’s iOS 10 Mail added support for list-unsubscribe, but the large “easy unsubscribe” banners that appear in marketers emails appear to be driving up opt-outs. Here are 5 reasons why marketers shouldn’t panic…

  1. Unsubscribes are not inherently bad, since they don’t harm deliverability and may not harm revenue.
  2. Brands have made it too difficult to unsubscribe and don’t honor opt-outs quickly enough.
  3. Email users trust native opt-out mechanisms more than the ones supplied directly by brands.
  4. Enabling list-unsubscribe reduces spam complaints, which in turn improves deliverability.
  5. List-unsubscribe isn’t new. Apple’s adoption follows Gmail (2009) and Microsoft (2007).

For a full discussion of each of these reasons…

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