5 New Email Marketing Terms

Read Chad White's Convince & Convert blog postsAs a former journalist, I love how email marketing is always changing. As an English major, I love language. At the intersection of those is the creation of new terms to describe emerging and existing practices, tactics, and tools in email marketing.

Over the past decade, I was in the right place at the right time to coin the terms share with your network (SWYN) and video gif, among others. Giving things a name is extremely powerful, as it facilitates conversations and raises awareness. For instance, the explosion of activity around content marketing is due in large part to it being giving the name content marketing, as this practice has certainly been around for a very long time.

In my first guest post for the Convince & Convert blog, I introduce five new email marketing terms you should know…

  • Granted Media
  • Super-Engagement
  • Opt Up
  • Real List Growth
  • Confirmed Opt-In Lite (COIL)

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