13 Email A/B Testing Mistakes

13 Email A/B Testing Mistakes to Avoid

To A/B test your emails, all you need to do is present two variations to two different groups of your subscribers and then listen. The metrics will tell you their preference, which you can then act on either in the short-term by sending the winning variation to more of your audience, or in the long-term by applying that preference to future campaigns.

That sounds simple—and to a degree, it is, thanks to email service providers and testing software providers rolling out functionality that makes email A/B testing much easier to execute. However, it’s also rather simple to mess up your email A/B testing and either come to the wrong conclusion or undermine your results completely.

Doing a bunch of email A/B testing and then realizing that you didn’t actually learn anything actionable because of poor execution is painful. To avoid that fate, here are 13 tips that will ensure you’re getting the most out of your email A/B testing…

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